Exceptional Hair is a highly informative DVD on how to care for your child's hair. Whether you are newly adoptive parents, parents of bi-racial children, or parents who need some basic guidance, Exceptional Hair is the DVD for you!

Led by experienced and professional hairstylists Brian Simms and Shakellah Morgan (who is also a child development expert) have over 32 years combined experience dealing with the day-to-day frustrations of many parents who are raising children with hair unlike their own. The easy-to-follow instructions and video presentations allow for any parent to understand the basic haircare needs of many children today.
Exceptional Hair concisely covers many topics with practical demonstrations and authoritative information. The daily and basic maintenance, such as how to wash t
he hair, blow drying and combing techniques, as well as hair care products to use and how often to use them. Included is an informed label-readers section to help parents look for products with the most effective ingredients that will help maintain their child's hair.

Anyone preparing to have, adopt, or care for a child with "exceptional hair" will want to own the informative DVD Exceptional Hair.