Gregory Stanley Black, currently residing in Eugene, Oregon, was born in the MidWestern city of Springfield, Illinois. Black began his media career in the worlds of classical music, radio, and still photography. As an actor, he is internationally recognized in the industrial, educational, and training film/video platforms. His interest in the human condition was triggered by his childhood neighborhood, which, in a two square block area, consisted of two churches, two taverns, and two funeral homes. Black states: “ Even today, there are lots of human emotion, character, and drama revealed in ‘getting Grace’(going to church), getting Laced(partying/drinking/good timing) and getting Placed( death, funeral, the end of life as we know it)”. This led to a degree in psychology from Elmhurst College, and working at Chicago-Read Mental Health. Black’s insatiable curiosity led to the discovery of an aptitude for electricity, electronics, and computer technology, and teaching the discipline at the college level. This unique blend of both craft and talent has permitted him to participate in over 150 productions. Other talents include narration/cartoon voice work, composing for music/ film and session/studio work as an instrumentalist.

For Black, all roads have led to filmmaking. He was writer, director, primary cameraman, editor, and composer (unless otherwise noted) of his films. “The Orlando Dream,” a sports documentary, won the Award of Distinction in 2003. The current narrative short “By Any Other Name” is on the independent film festival circuit. Black has studied screenwriting with retired Hollywood director Tom Blank (IMDb- Airwolf, Ironsides) and Neal Miller (www.Rubicon-films.com ). Black is writing short comedies, a feature that will be completed by June of 2010, and has completed a documentary on “Educating Black Awareness” soon to be released. He continues to produce corporate, industrial, informercial and training videos as well as commercials for radio and tv. Please visit: www.gregsblack.com